Blackstone BSC Wallmount Rack Enclosure w Door & Side Panels

Blackstone BSC Catagory  
From 6U To 26U singel section 
Comply with ANSI/EIA RS-310-D,IEC297-2,DIN41491;PART1, DIN41494;PART7,GB/T3047.2-92 and ETSI standard

Choose Your Size: 6U 9U 10U 12U 15u 18U 26U
 Infrastone Wall mount  Rack Enclosure w Door & Side Panels:
·         Convenient and quick wall mounting.          
·         Popular front door with 5mm toughened glass with lock.
·         One or two cool fan.
·         Wire path on the top and bottom.
·         Quick open side door easy to install and maintain.  
·         Compatible with 19" standard equipment metric's standard equipment.       
·         SPCC quality cold rolled steel.   
IP rating:
·         rating 20        
·       mounting profile 2.0 mm, mounting angle 1.5 mm, others 1.2 mm
Static Loading Capacity:   
·         60kg 
Surface finish:    
·         Decrease Pickling Phosphoric Rust prevention and Parkerizing,    
Pure water cleaning, Static electricity painting    

·         Width: 600mm 
·         Depth: 450mm,or 600mm
·         Height: 5U To 26U
·         Choose Your Size: 6U 9U 10U 12U 15u 18U 26U
Part number:
•               P/N : BSC-(U SIZE) - (Depth SIZE)
Example : FOR 9U single section Rack depth 450mm  pn.=BSC945

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