1 Channel (Compact ) Video/Data Digital Optical Converter

1 Channel (Compact ) Video/Data Digital Optical Converter 
Intelligent Transportation System
Connection of Sub-network for Surveillance Center
Public Security Surveillance
High Way & Toll Station Surveillance
High Quality Video Conference
Industrial Closed Circuit Television Surveillance
TV-live ,audio, phone, Ethernet, transmission  
Video/Data Digital Optical Converter 
Advanced process design, remarkable performance, small size design make it possible for special applications, such as inside the camera, directly mount on the video interface of the camera, ect;
10-digit coding and non-compression video transmission;
Automatically reply for overloading protection;
Status indicating;
No electromagnetic, frequency and ground current interference;
Surface mounted technology;
Advanced auto-adaptive technology avoiding on-site electric or optical adjustment;
LED status indicating the operation of the surveillance;

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