MTRJ UPC / APC Single Mode / Multimode Pigtails

DESCRIPTION A flexible piece of cable terminated at one end with MTRJ connector. Used for interconnecting circuits on a patchboard, in a wiring closet, or at the work area. MTRJ single / multi mode, UPC/APC polish, any lenght available higher quality. APPLICATIONS Application FTTH, LAN, PON & Optical CATV Local ring net Optical fiber communication system Optical fiber test equipment Optical fiber sensor
Multi Mode or Single Mode
Low Insertion Loss dB ≤0.50 ≤0.40
Return Loss dB 35
Transistory Pulling: 500N/10CM
Reafractive Index: 1.4677 @ 1310 1.4682 @ 1550
G652:9.2 cable minimum bending radius: 30 mm
Operation Temperature C -25 ~ +75
Storage Temperature C -25 ~ +75
Core number single or dual fiber
Durability >1000 times
Industry Standard TIA-568A
0 % returns, no DOA's in 5 year period

According your request pigtails & patch cords from infrastone Cables can be tailour-made for your special needs with following cables:

Regular cable G652 SX-SMφ0.9,  SX-SM φ2.0,  SX-MM φ0.9,  SX-MM φ2.0,  SX-MM φ3.0,  DX-SM φ2.0,  DX-SM φ3.0,
DX-MM φ2.0,  DX-MM φ3.0SX SM 0.9mm with little jacket(bare fiber)

LSZH cable G652SX-SMφ0.9,LSZHSX-MM φ0.9,LSZHSX-SM φ2.0,LSZHSX-MM φ2.0,LSZH,  SX-SM φ3.0,LSZH,
SX-MM φ3.0,LSZH, DX-SM φ2.0,LSZH, DX-SM φ3.0,LSZH

Cable type G655 SX-SMφ0.9,  SX-SMφ2.0,φ3.0,  DX-SMφ2.0,φ3.0

Cable type G657:  SX-SMφ0.9SX-SMφ2.0,φ3.0,  DX-SMφ2.0,φ3.0

Cable type OM3: SX-MM φ0.9SX-MMφ2.0,φ3.0DX-MMφ2.0,φ3.0

Armoured Fiber Cable: 6 core armoured fiber cable,  Multi Mode or Single Mode

LWP cable G652D: SX-SMφ0.9SX-SM φ2.0SX-SM φ3.0SX-MM φ0.9SX-MM φ2.0SX-MM φ3.0, DX-SM φ2.0, DX-MMφ2.0, DX-MM φ3.0

Notes: φ - diameter; SM - Singe Mode., MM - Multi Mode, SX - Simplex, DX - Duplex (for patchcords mostly)

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