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As part of our international buying strategy, we are keen to nurture long-term, performance-oriented and cooperative business relations with our suppliers. Our aim is to achieve win-win situations and establish them even more firmly. Together we create value-added and benefits for our final customers and end users.


Become a Partner


We can be very demanding, especially when it comes to quality. Are you prepared to assume a high level of responsibility?

- Infrastone products satisfy the most stringent quality criteria. To maintain that standard, we need competitive suppliers as strong partners who embrace our concept of quality.
- Is your company known for its innovative spirit and its commitment when it comes to developing technical solutions? If so, we look forward to finding out more about you.
- Our demand portfolio is subdivided into groups of goods. Listed in the Supplier Subscription Form are the products for which we need suppliers and alternative sources. Does this match your performance profile? If so, please fill out the Supplier Subscription Form. If your offer corresponds to our demand, we’ll be in touch.

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